About Me

Hi, I’m Linda Graf, the author of Bitter Truth: My Story of Bitterness, Grace and Repentance.  I wrote this book after the Lord freed me from a lifestyle of bitterness and anger. After it was published in September 2014, I began blogging at my website bittertruthbook.com. and sharing what the Lord is teaching me in this ongoing journey – the other side of bitterness, which is a life of abundant joy!  Recently, in March of 2017, I changed my site to LindaGraf.org to explore broader subjects and continue writing. I also love speaking to groups and sharing what the Lord has done in me. 
My husband David and I have been involved in music ministry at Front Range Alliance Church in Colorado Springs for the past 28 years. Since 1999 I have been on staff and am currently the Worship Ministries Director. My other passion besides music is women’s ministry. I love to work with women and I believe I have a unique story to share with them. My earnest wish is that others would also break free if they are entangled by besetting sins or not living in the fullness of joy that’s possible in Jesus. 


I blog on subjects such as repentance, forgiveness, faith and the transformed mind. I’m currently working on a ten week bible study based on my book Bitter Truth. Colorado is a beautiful place to live and I’m an avid reader, so I struggle with the desire to be outside in the glorious Rocky Mountains or inside with a good book! I adore my two wonderful grown children and I’m a fan of all things Jane Austen, coffee and chocolate, although not necessarily in that order.