Hi – I’m Linda Graf. I wrote a book about my journey to freedom and abundant life, it’s called Bitter Truth: My Story of Bitterness, Grace and Repentance. Why? Because I was trapped in anger, self-pity and bitterness for years and didn’t know why or what to do about it. If you have similar struggles, I want to encourage you.  There is hope, healing and freedom to be found in Jesus.  Sign up to receive regular updates and my Forgiveness Cheat Sheet: 6 Things to Remember When You Can’t Get Past The Hurt.
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All About Love

(Reposted from December…) We are full into the busy season of Christmas. Last night we hosted our third Christmas party. This coming week the college students will be coming home and many are making plans to travel to loved ones. There are goodies to bake and presents to buy and wrap. Christmas songs are playing everywhere and the Hallmark Channel is showing movies about the true spirit of Christmas. According to our culture, Christmas is all about family

What if someone is harboring bitterness – against you? If they are angry with you and unwilling to discuss or reconcile, what then? What if you have tried to understand and apologize for what you’ve done to offend them, and they only heap more accusations on you? This is difficult and heartbreaking at the very least. A bitter person by definition is someone who has decided what the truth is already – and will not accept any opposing

I can think of few things more draining than hanging out with someone who is mired in bitterness. When I remember where I was, back in that pit, I am still amazed and grateful for the ones who listened to me and my kind husband who loved and encouraged me. But I also remember the story of how my two friends grieved and cried over the situation between myself and my great nemesis. They were so sad and frustrated with me! My

4 Things To Remember When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

We have all had those days. Frustrations, delays, difficulties. Traffic makes you late, the wi-fi is down, someone gets the flu and cancels. In these instances, I often sigh dramatically, “the universe is plotting against me!” But sometimes the problems are far more...

3 Things You May Not Know About Bitterness

Here are 3 things you may not know, if you have not been a student of bitterness. #1 It’s a secondary infection. Bitterness doesn’t just happen overnight. It settles in after we’ve had another ailment - like pneumonia settles in after a cold or the flu. The first...

3 Reasons To Give Up

Over the past few weeks, I've suffered several disappointments in my writing endeavors. Nothing devastating, but a few answers were "no" that I hoped would be "yes." I've wondered if the course I'm set on is the right one. I've wondered if I should make changes. I've...

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

This is the story of my grandmother, who left me a priceless legacy of faith.  She was born Gladys Jane McKee on April 1, 1906 in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was the youngest of four children. She lived to be 84 and died of cancer in 1990. I loved her dearly,...

Four Things You Must Be Thankful For!

It's Thanksgiving and we are all being reminded to be thankful to the Lord for our many blessings. However, there are some times in our lives when it's easier than others. If you have recently gotten good news or have welcomed a new child or grandchild, it's easy to...

How Will I React?

I write and speak about how I was freed from bitterness. The Lord did a work in my heart and my book tells the story of my journey from bitterness to repentance to abundant life. But it seems that I need to keep being reminded of this and re-learning the lessons over...

How Careful Are We?

We must be careful with dangerous weapons, and our words must be used with care or they will inflict much harm.

When I’m Stuck In The Comparison Trap

How do I think rightly and learn contentment when I’m tempted to compare myself with others?

5 Reasons Self-Pity Is BAD

These days, I am fearful when I hear self-pitying thoughts roll around in my mind or words come out of my mouth. Why? Because I know the dangerous path it will lead me to.

A Book You Should Read: “The Little Things”

I recently read "The Little Things: Why You Really Should Sweat The Small Stuff" by Andy Andrews after it was recommended in an article I read. While the author is a Christian, it's not a Christian book per se. It's a fast and enjoyable read. It is full of wisdom, and...

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