I love to speak to groups and tell of the Lord’s goodness to me. I have been healed and changed and I want to share this message of hope with others. God’s grace and power is available to all and I believe no one should have to stay stuck in sinful patterns and behaviors.

I have spoken to groups of all shapes and sizes, from a college campus to church conferences to women’s prison. If my story could be an encouragement to your group, I want to come and tell it!


 Here are some talks I am prepared to give, but I can easily tailor my theme or length to fit your needs.

Standalone sessions

From Bitterness to Abundant Life (My Testimony)


The Transformed Mind; how it protects and changes us


Healing from the wounds of the past


Making your thoughts and feelings obedient to Christ


A Journey from Bitterness to Abundant Life

4 sessions (45-50 min each)

Bondage to the past – How I got there, wounds and lies we believe


Bitter Truth – the harsh reality; what bitterness looks like


 Breaking hearts -The painful process of repentance and overcoming


Bursting Free – The transformed mind and joy

Interested in having me speak?

Please contact me at Linda@Lindagraf.org.