Hi – I’m Linda Graf. I’m a musician, a mentor and a mother. My two grown children and my husband David are my greatest blessings! I’ve been the Worship Ministries Director at my church since 1999 and am also passionate about ministering to women.

Being an author was never one of my aspirations, but during my journey from bitterness to joy in Christ, I was compelled to write about it.  I published Bitter Truth: My Story of Bitterness, Grace and Repentance in 2014 and have been blogging and speaking about it ever since. My earnest desire is that others would also break free if they are entangled by sin or not living in the fullness of joy that’s possible in Jesus.


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Our denomination’s founder, Dr. A.B. Simpson, was the speaker at a summer camp in the early 1900’s. One day during lunch, a young waiter spilled hot soup on him.  The young man was horrified by his clumsiness and apologized profusely, but Dr. Simpson responded with grace and humor. The waiter was profoundly affected that week. He was influenced both by Dr. Simpson’s preaching of the gospel and impressed with his kindness in response to the soup mishap. That young waiter

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Have you ever felt paralyzed by indecision? When there are choices before you, how do you know what God’s will is?  I find it hard to know what’s best, especially when the choices are all good things. Knowing God’s will in any uncertain situation seems elusive and confusing. But I read something recently that made me think:

“One reason God usually doesn’t give us specific guidance in our perplexing decisions is that He places a

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Great Expectations

Today is Valentine’s Day and if you have a significant other, you may have some expectations of romance or hopes for what will happen on this day. You may expect a sweet card, some candy, or even a romantic proposal of marriage.  But what if it doesn’t happen as you hope? Our expectations are usually a bad thing. At least they are when we project them onto others. I assume or wish that someone will

4 Things To Remember When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

We have all had those days. Frustrations, delays, difficulties. Traffic makes you late, the wi-fi is down, someone gets the flu and cancels. In these instances, I often sigh dramatically, “the universe is plotting against me!” But sometimes the problems are far more...

God’s In The Details

I've started reading through the Bible again at the beginning of a new year and find myself once again in Genesis. It's amazing that God created so vast an expanse as our universe, yet only took two chapters in His Word to describe it.  I almost laughed at Genesis...

Expectations: 3 Ways They Can Backfire

It's summertime, and many are planning vacations, visits with friends or family. It's time for road trips or camping or visits to the beach. My husband and I are planning a trip at the end of the summer and I'm looking forward to a short getaway with a close friend....

What’s In My Heart?

The world is all about appearances. If you have a talent or a skill, that's great, but in order to become truly famous, you have to have the right packaging to go along with it. Nobody ugly or awkward makes it onto the celebrity A-list, that's just the way our culture...

How Will I React?

I write and speak about how I was freed from bitterness. The Lord did a work in my heart and my book tells the story of my journey from bitterness to repentance to abundant life. But it seems that I need to keep being reminded of this and re-learning the lessons over...

Four Things You Must Be Thankful For!

It's Thanksgiving and we are all being reminded to be thankful to the Lord for our many blessings. However, there are some times in our lives when it's easier than others. If you have recently gotten good news or have welcomed a new child or grandchild, it's easy to...

Worry or Trust?

I'm not normally a fearful person or a worrier. Doing anything new causes a certain amount of uncertainty in me, and I suffer some angst when I don't know what the future holds, but no more than I believe most people feel. But because of my recent surgery, my body...

Who is Your Best Friend?

Recently I was at a planning meeting with a group of friends. We went around the table and shared what the Lord had been teaching each of us lately. It varied widely; from books we had read to themes we were studying and experiences we’d had. For some it was a...

4 Lessons I Learned From Pain

I have had pain on my mind quite a bit. I haven't posted lately because three weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery which has necessarily caused pain to be my fairly constant companion. Before I went to the hospital I asked the Lord to help me. My desire was to be...

Will I Trust God or Not?

My dear husband travels often for business, usually flying out several times a month. He has been doing this for years and I'm used to it. It's not a hardship for me, although it was more challenging when we had small children. I was thinking about this recently and...

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