Linda Graf is the author of Bitter Truth: My story of Bitterness, Grace and Repentance. It tells the story of her battle with bitterness and anger, ultimately resulting in forgiveness and joy. She and her husband David have been involved in music ministry for the past 28 years, and since 1999 she has been on staff at Front Range Alliance Church as the Worship Ministries Director. She loves ministering to women and longs for them to understand and believe that they can break free from sinful behaviors and habits through the power of the Holy Spirit. Linda enjoys sharing her testimony of repentance and healing from bitterness through writing and speaking to groups.


It’s the story of a man’s journey through extreme highs and lows. It describes his struggle against various temptations; envying others who are prosperous and carefree.  He is grappling with self-pity, despair, and the temptation to give up. This is all recounted in Psalm 73. I am comforted to know that even the writers of scripture were human and struggled at times, just like I do. It begins with a declaration of God’s goodness. PsalmRead More
Over the past few weeks, I’ve suffered several disappointments in my writing endeavors. Nothing devastating, but a few answers were “no” that I hoped would be “yes.” I’ve wondered if the course I’m set on is the right one. I’ve wondered if I should make changes. I’ve felt a bit discouraged. I’m sure you can relate sometimes, whatever your own objectives may be. At times we are determined to change our eating and exercise habits only to findRead More
Last year our Women’s Ministry group did an excellent study on the book of Genesis. We used “The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis” by Nancy Guthrie, which I highly recommend. Here’s something that jumped out at me anew from these familiar stories. THE LINEAGE OF JESUS THE MESSIAH CAME THROUGH JACOB’S SON JUDAH. THERE WERE 12 SONS BUT JUDAH WAS THE ONE GOD USED TO BRING HIS SON TO EARTH. Why didn’t God pick Joseph? Joseph is theRead More

Gaining Perspective

It’s the story of a man's journey through extreme highs and lows. It describes his struggle against various temptations; envying others who are prosperous and carefree.  He is grappling with self-pity, despair, and the temptation to give up. This is all recounted in...
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3 Things You May Not Know About Bitterness

Here are 3 things you may not know, if you have not been a student of bitterness. #1 It’s a secondary infection. Bitterness doesn’t just happen overnight. It settles in after we’ve had another ailment - like pneumonia settles in after a cold or the flu. The first...
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What If The Shoe’s On The Other Foot?

What if someone is harboring bitterness – against you? If they are angry with you and unwilling to discuss or reconcile, what then? What if you have tried to understand and apologize for what you’ve done to offend them, and they only heap more accusations on you? This...
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5 Godly Ways to Deal With Anger

Lately I’ve been reading about anger. Since it is the doorway, the starting point for bitterness, it’s helpful to understand it. It is interesting to read different opinions on anger from both worldly and godly perspectives and I’ll be sharing more of that in...
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A New Year of Fresh Beginnings

Author Donald S. Whitney did a guest blog post on in which he listed ten questions to ponder in the new year: The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to stop, look up, and get our bearings. To that end, here are some questions to ask prayerfully in...
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The Journey Through Forgiveness

Everyone agrees that forgiveness is a good thing. But getting there is often a long, difficult journey. Maybe little things are easy to forgive, maybe people who don’t struggle with bitterness can just put things behind them and forgive easily. But for those of us who...
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Walking With A Bitter Friend

I can think of few things more draining than hanging out with someone who is mired in bitterness. When I remember where I was, back in that pit, I am still amazed and grateful for the ones who listened to me and my kind husband who loved and encouraged me. But I also...
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The Foolishness of our Wisdom

I think I am pretty smart. Not a genius or anything, but I can analyze a problem and usually come up with a solution. If I can't, I know where to find someone who can. It's common sense, practical wisdom: how to survive in the world. Most people who grow to adulthood...
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Is It Okay To Be Angry With God?

Are you angry with God? Has He allowed things into your life that you believe are unfair, unwarranted, unjust? Has He failed to protect you from harm or taken precious ones from you? Do you think it’s acceptable for us to be angry with or toward God? Many of us would...
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All About Love

(Reposted from December...) We are full into the busy season of Christmas. Last night we hosted our third Christmas party. This coming week the college students will be coming home and many are making plans to travel to loved ones. There are goodies to bake and...
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