Hi – I’m Linda Graf. I wrote a book about my journey to freedom and abundant life, it’s called Bitter Truth: My Story of Bitterness, Grace and Repentance. Why? Because I was trapped in anger, self-pity and bitterness for years and didn’t know why or what to do about it. If you have similar struggles, I want to encourage you.  There is hope, healing and freedom to be found in Jesus.  Sign up to receive regular updates and my Forgiveness Cheat Sheet: 6 Things to Remember When You Can’t Get Past The Hurt.
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angry old folks

Are you easily offended? I used to be. Thankfully I’m not as much anymore. What’s the difference?  I don’t allow it as often. But you might say, “How can you choose not to be offended? What if you can’t help it? Doesn’t it just happen automatically?” I believe the answer is yes and no. 🙂 How’s that for clarity??

The Yes part

I believe we all have emotionally sensitive spots within us. You may call

a field's edge; being content
I met a new friend this week. She is immensely talented and gifted. She has had great influence, and been active in a variety of areas. I loved hearing about her experiences, but it could have been easy for me to compare myself and feel inferior to her.
what am I believing? lies or truth
That’s often my first reaction when I hear of
sharp knife, be careful
A few months ago, my sister-in-law took me to a shooting range and I fired a gun for the first time. She gave me a quick lesson in handling the gun before we left, and before I was allowed to shoot, I was required to watch a 30 minute video of rules and safety tips.

Your Face Matters

In Jean Fleming’s book Pursue the Intentional Life, she talks about the “Ministry of the Countenance,” which means that the way your face looks is important! It can either be a blessing or a discouragement to others. She says: Those of us who know God, who have been...

What If The Shoe’s On The Other Foot?

What if someone is harboring bitterness – against you? If they are angry with you and unwilling to discuss or reconcile, what then? What if you have tried to understand and apologize for what you’ve done to offend them, and they only heap more accusations on you? This...

Thankless or Thankful?

One spring day we had a flood in our house. It wasn’t the basement, as so many have suffered through, but the upstairs bathroom. A drain pipe broke and water was pouring through the ceiling to the floor below. We caught it right away and my handy husband was able to...

The Ripple Effect

Our denomination’s founder, Dr. A.B. Simpson, was the speaker at a summer camp in the early 1900's. One day during lunch, a young waiter spilled hot soup on him.  The young man was horrified by his clumsiness and apologized profusely, but Dr. Simpson responded with...

3 Things You May Not Know About Bitterness

Here are 3 things you may not know, if you have not been a student of bitterness. #1 It’s a secondary infection. Bitterness doesn’t just happen overnight. It settles in after we’ve had another ailment - like pneumonia settles in after a cold or the flu. The first...

Gaining Perspective

It’s the story of a man's journey through extreme highs and lows. It describes his struggle against various temptations; envying others who are prosperous and carefree.  He is grappling with self-pity, despair, and the temptation to give up. This is all recounted in...

All About Love

(Reposted from December...) We are full into the busy season of Christmas. Last night we hosted our third Christmas party. This coming week the college students will be coming home and many are making plans to travel to loved ones. There are goodies to bake and...

How Will I React?

I write and speak about how I was freed from bitterness. The Lord did a work in my heart and my book tells the story of my journey from bitterness to repentance to abundant life. But it seems that I need to keep being reminded of this and re-learning the lessons over...

Control Versus Choice

I was pondering what New Year's resolutions I would make. It's that time, right? But there is a tension between control and choice. We all want control: over ourselves, over how others treat us or react to us, over our circumstances. But in truth, we actually have...

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

This is the story of my grandmother, who left me a priceless legacy of faith.  She was born Gladys Jane McKee on April 1, 1906 in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was the youngest of four children. She lived to be 84 and died of cancer in 1990. I loved her dearly,...

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